Insulation & VCL

We stock PIR Insulation boards from Kingspan for Flat Roofs (TR26 & TR27) and boards for pitched roofs, walls and floors (TP10).
You will also find insulation adhesive from DOW Insta-Stik that glues tissue faced PIR boards to a fully adhered Vapour Barrier such as ALUTRIX.

We have a full range of insulation fixings including screws & plates as well as the new tube and screw combinations which give better performance and reduce the risk of hot/cold bridging along the fixing. Our tube and screw combos are designed for steel decks and timber decks.
We also stock vapour barriers from ALUTRIX and Elotene. These self adhesive systems are high performance reinforced vapour barriers that can be fixed either mechanically or fully adhered. A system specific primer  is required for both systems.

Insulation & VCL

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